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Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech
Gravity 2.1 - My eTech

Gravity 2.1

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Gravity Watch - minimalist and innovative watch design

Gravity is one of the most innovative ideas of the year. This minimalist watch lets you not only see time, but also feel it. This is made possible by the extraordinary design and the two 360° magnetic rotating balls.

Both balls are perfectly balanced by movement and magnetism and always show you the exact time. In addition, you can also feel the time, because the watch case was specially designed for this.

Case and bracelet

Both the case and the bracelet of the watch are made of high-quality stainless steel. The finish in the production gives the watch a matt and top stylish look. All components of the watch are assembled by hand.

The bracelet is closed with a folding clasp. In addition, the length of the bracelet can be adjusted to the dimensions of the wrist with this clasp. So Gravity is guaranteed to fit every watch fan.

With Gravity you order an eye catcher that will not go unnoticed.

  • Stainless steel case
  • Rubber Band
  • Diameter housing: 40 mm
  • Strong Housing: 13 mm
  • Length Bracelet: 24 cm
  • Width Bracelet: 20 mm
  • Quartz movement

This watch is also very suitable for people with impaired vision, as the time can be felt by the specially designed dial and rotating balls.

This feature also gives you the opportunity to find out the time in special situations without having to look at your watch or smartphone. 

  • Business Dates
  • Meetings
  • Dates
  • Exam situations
  • Cinema

and many more.

The watch comes in a practical and sturdy gift box.

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